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Tapoi allows you to better know your users, understanding their attitudes and interests based on their online social media activities.

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What is Tapoi?

Tapoi is a customer intelligence services targeting businesses providing services to customers over the Web.

Tapoi profiles customers based on their online actions, allowing businesses to provide targeted and tailored services, personalizing user experience and achieving higher conversion. Thanks to its flexible and scalable IT platform, Tapoi can be customised to meet the special needs of businesses operating in selected verticals.

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How it works?

Tapoi mines in real-time user activities on the most popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) to dynamically build rich user profiles.

Tapoi uses state-of-the-art semantic analysis technologies to build a robust and reliable map of users’ topical attitudes, interests and preferences.


CivicFlow allows local public administrations, authorities and civil society organizations to easily create, deploy and manage multichannel civic engagement campaigns.

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What is CivicFlow?

CivicFlow is a crowdsourcing platform making it easy to collect, organise and analyse citizens’ opinions and contributions. CivicFlow is currently used in more than 20 cities and regions to run civic engagement campaigns ranging from citizen involvement in environmental monitoring all the way to understanding the collective perception of safety of public spaces.

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How it works?

CivicFlow supports multiple channels for the collection of citizen opinions and contributions. Embed in your mobile app, disseminate via Web, use QR codes/beacons and embed in social media: CivicFlow lowers the barrier for citizens to participate to civic engagement campaigns. Results are visualized using an intuitive analytics dashboard; data can be exported for further analysis by researchers and policy makers.

Citizen Engagement

The Citizen Engagement product suite provides an innovative solution for local public administration to engage citizens in the collective care-taking of public spaces.

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What is Citizen Engagement?

Citizen Engagement allows citizens to dialogue with the local public administration over a variety of channels (instant messaging platforms, web, social media), reporting issues ranging from waste dumping to potential security risks. Citizen Engagement supports the establishment of a trusted relationship in the form of bidirectional interaction between public bodies and active individuals and communities.

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How it works?

Citizen Engagement makes use of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence methods and Big Data frameworks. Interactions with citizens are orchestrated via a set of intelligent agents able to manage a variety of issue reports, classify them and route them to the relevant department/service. The product includes a chatbot enabling citizens to interact live with the public administration, answering questions and providing timely updates on the management of the reported issue.