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Artificial Intelligence at the service of Customer Experience


  1. (verb) Maori word meaning to travel around.
  2. (noun) at our latitudes, it refers to a CRM plug-in which supports B2C companies in getting to know their customers, for dealing with the increasing demand for personalized offers and services.
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How does it work?

tapoi enriches customer profiles with human-centric insights, directly within the CRM in use.

How is this possible?

By leveraging on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, tapoi cross-analyses first-party data (CRM) with third-party data (external), to extract relevant insights on your customers: demographics, interests and preferences will never be a question mark again!

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Customer profiling: 100% GDPR compliant!

tapoi is 100% GDPR compliant, since it does not invade your customers' privacy. On the contrary, tapoi aims at introducing on the market a new and transparent approach to profiling, based on mutual trust between customer and company, to achieve a win-win situation.

What matters today:
customer experience management and personalization

Nowadays consumers want to be involved in experiences that are highly customized to who they truly are. Therefore, Customer Experience Management activities play a crucial role to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, which translates into low customer churn rate and increased customer loyalty.

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