U-Hopper is a deep startup company founded in 2010 as a spin-off of the FBK/CREATE-NET international research center. U-Hopper has a strong focus on the combination of Internet-of-Things, mobile computing technologies and big data analytics, with the aim of delivering advanced insight and analytics to businesses and personalized, situation-aware contents and services to end users. U-Hopper brings together a strong background in the design and development of innovative ICT solutions with the ability of rapidly deploying and operating top-quality solutions and services.


Senior Partner & co-founderDiego Taglioni
Chief Executive OfficerDaniele Miorandi
Product ManagerCarlo Caprini
UX/UI DesignerRossana Bartolacelli
Data ScientistChristian Torrero
Research EngineerMozhdeh Farhadi
Research EngineerDavaadorj Battulga
Software DeveloperNicolò Pomini
Business DeveloperElisa Tassoni
Marketing & Business AnalystEleonora Aste
Software DeveloperStefano Tavonatti
Operations OfficerGiulia Tosato
Co-Founder and Board MemberIacopo Carreras
Board MemberAndrei Tamilin

In 2015 we successfully spinned off our product line related to analytics for physical spaces. ThinkIN commercialises IoT and Big Data enabled solutions able to transform your physical environment in a smart space!