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We are a deep-tech company developing IoT & Big data analytics solutions!

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18 - 21 June | Aarhus, Denmark

We are presenting our conversational interfaces services (chatbots) that enables rich interactions between private or public institutions and its users. Contact us to organize a meeting directly at the event!

Eitan Number Calculator - A new experiment!

We created the Eitan Number Calculator, a tribute to Eitan Altman and the great number of academic publications he wrote in collaboration with hundreds of talented researchers from all around the world! Find out your Eitan number now!


We develop personalized Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence software and chatbot solutions based on cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.
Our mission is to deliver top-quality analytics consulting and provide data-driven ITC solutions to support large and mid-sized businesses, operating in various verticals, including manufacturing, logistics, energy, retail and banking.


Our solutions are built using state-of-the-art Open Source frameworks and libraries, enhanced by our proprietary technology for data analytics.

Research & Development

We are an R&D-intensive company. We believe that truly disruptive innovation is always grounded in hard-core research. And that’s what research means to us: providing effective solutions for hard problems our customers deeply care about. In doing so we take an open innovation approach and partner with top-notch universities and leading tech companies.

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Technology Stack

We enjoy working with state-of-the-art open source technologies in the areas of Internet of Things, big data and analytics. We are constantly hunting for the next big game-changer in tech, and love experimenting and playing around with new stuff. Here are some of the technologies we customarily work with:

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