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We develop Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence solutions, in the heart of the Dolomites.

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Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Complex analysis of large amounts of data, to extract the greatest value of a rich mine made of valuable information.

Data visualization

Data visualization

Graphic and interactive representation of data, to easily monitor KPIs and detect trends. After all, looks also counts!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Algorithms and mathematical models to optimize every type of business process and help achieve strategic objectives.


Our mission is to guide you in unlocking the unexplored power and value of your business data, in order to provide you with the right tools to create new opportunities and take data-driven strategic decisions! How do we do that? Simply, by extracting value from this data through our high-tech solutions!

Tapoi: know your customers, for real!

An innovative AI-based customer intelligence solution, to create human-centric personalized customer experiences.

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We truly believe that investing in reskilling and training increases the odds of seeing results from the introduction of new technological innovations. For this reason, we offer corporate workshops and customizable training that make skills and knowledge on Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence accessible to everyone in your company.

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Machine Learning for studying human diversity: a brand new project on the horizon

U-Hopper has joined forces with Amrita Center for Research and Development (India) to work on a special Machine Learning project: the objective consists in analysing how students’ diversity influences their behaviour in online education.

Tapoi: know your customer, for real!

The new demo of Tapoi, our Customer Intelligence solution, is finally online! Try it out and unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and semantic analytics to profile your online users and deliver a 100% personalized customer experience.

Scouting the next Olympic champions!

You might know that we our team shares two passions: one for data and one for sports. That’s why when we had the opportunity to get involved in the project Talenti 2020 funded by CONI, we didn’t back out! We proudly participate in this great national-wide initiative, with the aim of finding the most talented young athletes, obviously by relying on data!


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