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Conversational interfaces and Chatbots

Nowadays, online communication has become simple and interactive thanks to the usage of conversational interfaces powered by chatbots. These are able to communicate with users and provide virtual multi-language assistance 24/7.

The disruptive element in such a solution is Artificial Intelligence that allows a virtual assistant to comprehend messages from users and handle the conversation in order to provide access to both information and services.

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For companies

Make your customer care services efficient and in real-time. Power up your selling and digital marketing operations. Contact us for receiving a personalized and non-binding offer tailored to your objectives and needs.

For public administrations

Create a direct communication channel with your citizens. Allow access to information and services in a few clicks and lower the cost of your help desk.

What can a chatbot do?


messages from users no matter if they are interactive, textual or vocal (yes, we use natural language processing)


user questions with specific and targeted messages

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users to external sources of information such as websites

Access structured databases

for searching, analyzing and selecting the exact information the user is looking for

Access the web

and perform online searches

What are the advantages?

What are the benefits you can get right away?

Fast Fast

it provides complete answers in real time

Always available Always available

it is tireless and works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Adaptable Adaptable

it can adapt its tone and personality to the one you want

Multi Language Multi Language

it can easily understand and speak languages from all over the world

Mobile friendly Mobile friendly

It integrates perfectly in the mobile user experience

Proactive Proactive

it can anticipate the users’ needs sending notifications when needed

Smart Smart

It can learn new knowledge in order to provide a great service

Flexible Flexible

it can be easily integrated in your website

The platforms we are working with

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Clients & Partners

Here are some of the cities and partners we are collaborating with developing chatbot solutions.

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