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Resource Custom analysis and dashboard for remote monitoring of industrial plants


CarboREM is an innovative start-up that designs and builds industrial plants for the treatment and enhancement of organic fraction of urban and agro-food wastes.


The plant uses a multitude of IoT devices and sensors that collect data on a series of parameters, whose tracking and monitoring is of fundamental importance for the CarboREM team in order to check if the system is running efficiently.
Hence, the need to create a data management system for saving and organizing IoT-generated data, and to dispose of a graphic interface to easily display such data.

The solution

Following a series of structured meetings aimed at assessing CarboREM’s specific needs, we developed a 100% cloud-native solution. The solution consists of a non-relational database serving as a data source of a highly customizable dashboard, enriched by a notification system that reports real-time anomalies and faults.

Clients involved

Case StudyData visualizationAnalyticsIndustry and manufacturingSoftware infrastructure

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